Fooga's return

When we saw what was coming, we were about to produce the entire spring/summer collection, so we talked to our manufacturers to see what the situation was. They told us that they were going to have to stop until further notice.

We reviewed the stock and saw that there was not enough to last more than a month, so we started to do the math.

Between fixed expenses and pending payments, it was unfeasible to hold on, especially without knowing when all this would end. That's when we said: "we're closing Fooga, we're not going to make it". We felt we had failed...

We invested every euro we received in Fooga, because we believe so much in what we do. So we decided to announce the closure and try to settle the outstanding debts with the last sales.

What was our surprise? That people started to buy and thanks to that and some other help, we have been able to play again this game called Fooga.

It has not been easy to make the decision, but we will continue to invest every euro received in this, which is what we do best. We hope you love the new collection.