SS23 - Groove Collection

Let´s Groove,

A movement that was defined in a thousand different ways but that cannot be explained, it has to be felt.

A collection with character, with a marked retro spirit, more authentic, personal, messy.

From the colorful prints to the funky music, an invitation to have fun.


FoogaPlan x Intras

We are especially excited to tell you that FoogaPlan has launched a collaboration with Foundation INTRAS designing a t-shirt that addresses such an important issue as mental health.

Not just a trend.
That what you don't talk about, doesn't exist.
That it's OK not to be well.
That going to therapy is cool.

If you also believe that mental health is important, share this, visit our networks, wear the T-shirt and talk about it.

100% of the profits from this collaboration go to an INTRAS Foundation project.
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FoogaPlan x Intras


    Our sneakers contain such important attributes as comfort, quality and timelessness.

    The production and design of the soles make them totally unique and made of natural rubber to be a little more sustainable.

    Discover all the attributes in our collection.

    Our insoles are composed of high density foam with high absorption and desorption capacity (100% breathability). Extremely light, with optimum performance without adding weight and without impairing the recovery of the material.

    In short, not COMFORTABLE, the following.

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