R + D + d

Research + Development + Design

As we have told you, our main premise is to offer you QUALITY both in production processes and materials. Our sizes range from 36 to 46 (European size).

The upper of our sneakers is made of split leather. Comfortable, beautiful and durable. Our leathers are obtained through a production process that respects the environment, betting at all times for a circular and sustainable economy.

Our fabrics have to meet the requirements set by our company philosophy, so they must always be natural fabrics, along with the latest developments in the market.

Our soles are made of natural rubber. It is an essential part of our shoes because, combining its quality and attributes to our production process, allows us to manufacture a breathable footwear, in which comfort and flexibility are maximum.

The finishing touch is our insoles, made of high-density foam with great absorption and desorption capacity (100% breathability). Extremely light, with optimum performance, without adding weight and without impairing the recovery of the material.

In short, COMFORTABLE, not the following.