Hawaii, 5 days and a great challenge.

But first a story, from a great friend, of course, who else?

From Fooga we want to support the brave, those who challenge themselves, those who if they do not find a way, build it. And, most important of all, those who know how to laugh at themselves.

This post is dedicated to Panceta [Ignacio García-Vaquero], a boy who until 2010 had had a childhood and adolescence far removed from sports. It was at this time when, through races, triathlons and marathons, he began to enter this world. Seven years later, he has participated in 25 international marathons, Ironman and Ultraman. His next destination? Hawaii. Epic 5. Five islands, five days, five Ironman.

We can't step into your shoes, but you can step into ours. You have supported us from minute 1 and much of our motivation has been passed on to us by you. That's why the whole Fooga family wants to send you strength for your next adventure.

There are many phrases of yours that we would like to make ours, today it's our turn to be on the other side, for the friends who pull you!

How? Throughout the 5 days [from May 5 to 9] you will be telling us your feelings and from here we will be sending you our encouragement. We will upload a Story on IG for each island you cross, to which you, the #foogafamily, will be able to reply with your messages of encouragement. Each message of encouragement will receive a surprise and we will be in charge of sending them to you.

Cheer up, my friend. Smile today, maybe tomorrow you'll be missing a tooth.
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