Why Made in Spain?

When we started Fooga many people asked us why we didn't produce in countries where labor was cheaper and production costs lower. However, we were clear from the start, there were three main reasons why our factory had to be here.

Firstly, the proximity would allow us to reduce replenishment times. We believe in Fooga for the long term and we know that, even if this was a secondary issue at first, it would work to our advantage in the long run so that each and every one of you would receive your favorite Fooga on time, in your size and in the color of your choice. So that our ability to react immediately when you surprise us with great welcomes.

On the other hand, process control. We believe in a responsible business model, one in which each employee is paid what they are entitled to according to the work they do, and we also believe that a happy employee works harder to achieve excellent results.

Finally, we were looking for a quality product, handmade finishes where each pair of Fooga gets the attention it deserves, no mass production!

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In addition, we like to think that we do our bit to promote economic growth. Both with the production of sneakers and with the rest of the elements that go with our product: bag, box, stickers...

And, why not say it, we believe in what we do!
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