November 21st, the email we've been waiting for days arrives, the photos are here, we already have content for the web! It's incredible the feeling of seeing so much work materialized, days of ideas and discards, excitement and adrenaline. We forwarded it to Larry to make the selection and upload all the contents to

We start testing, the links work, the texts fit with our philosophy, our essence. Only one small detail is missing... we haven't received the complete order! The manufacturer gives us guarantees that on the 29th we will have them in hand, what do we do?

We have to move forward, we have been planning for a long time, we are going to give a vote of confidence. Our path is defined and we have to walk it.

Important dates on the calendar.

November 28, our friends have access to the web through a password. Yes, you are already part of how important they have been throughout the whole process and we are sure that they will take us to the top, so why not have a detail with them?

Special mention to our first order: Cova | 19:11 | November 28, 2017 | checkout...

[25% discount code: ENLINEA].

November 29th, we open the website. Yes, gentlemen, this is already online, we are already one more of the millions of startups on the net and there is only one thing that will make us really different, outstanding, unique: YOU.

Another detail, the Fooga's arrive on time. Thank you: Sapo, Patri, Jorge, Yaiza, every box in its place, this begins.

We are already on line.
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