Summer is coming to an end, without realizing it, we have reached August. Let's recap: we have a supplier, a name, a logo, a visual identity, soles, illusion, of this and more, it's getting bigger with each step forward. What's missing? Or rather, what is missing?

The plates that will serve as molds to make the soles have arrived, the technique is called vulcanized (yes, it also sounded like Chinese to me). The thing is that they are steel molds in which a mixture of rubber and sulfur is poured, which will make the sole much more resistant. In short, we can remove the sole of pending issues.

I'm starting to see fabric swatches, are there really so many colors? It is clear to me that the One collection will be six, all of them basic colors, which will define us, without leaving the classic, we will already have time to innovate!

The first prototype in the history of Fooga arrives by courier. A thousand changes to make, but it's already in my hands!

Next step, how will you receive your Fooga? The box, black, craft, both? The bag, in canvas, so you can take your Fooga with you on your trip and some stickers, the kind you like so much that you hate to stick them somewhere and then you can't change them. Oh, one more thing! Two pairs of shoelaces, after all we all like to be able to customize our clothes.

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Fooga starts to be real. Fooga is born as a young, urban and democratic brand. We want to reach everyone and a website is the essential tool to achieve this, with its networks of course, how else are we going to tell you what we do and listen to what you want?

I pick up the phone and dial Larry's number again.
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