It was always clear to me that Fooga was going to be an online store, a brand without borders, that everyone could access from a screen, but I never imagined that, even before it started, this was going to be its reality.

I tell you why: I talk to Larry again and what a surprise when he tells me that he is moving to Amsterdam, that he has signed up with an international online company. I panic, of course, he was in charge of shaping Fooga on the web, however, he reassures me saying that we go ahead, that he is committed and that, although at a distance, he will build and, between emails and Skype, we begin to shape it.

At the same time, I sit down with Nico, social consultant at Miltrescientosgramos. Fooga is and will be a way of life and, as we always say, not everything is about selling sneakers. One of the bases from the foundation of Fooga is social involvement, to be able to give to someone in need a little bit of what we receive.

We started looking at options and contacting different NGOs to see the feasibility of collaboration and, believe it or not, many of the best known ones turned us down. But we always had the focus on Kind Surf, a Spanish association that has its main area of action in Zarautz and that goes hand in hand with the values of Fooga.


And this is how they define themselves: "in Kind Surf we decided to get involved altruistically in the development of social, environmental, sporting and educational activities, aimed at young people with different realities while maintaining the practice of surfing as a unitary link, with the simple aim of bringing them happiness. Bring Happiness". We encourage you to take a look at their website:

I don't know if it also happens to you, but I often see life as a chain of favors.


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