Croac, croac

The days are longer, the streets are full of people, and summer is in the air. The project is taking shape, we already have a supplier!

A thousand questions continue to arise: What will the brand name be? What will the logo be? Colors, shapes, packaging...

I talk to Larry, I'm sure he knows people who can help me with this, he works in a co-working room full of young and creative people. I make an appointment at Rana (yes, that's the name of the space), I go into the entrance located in one of the trendiest areas of Valladolid, I go upstairs and I find an office that inspires good vibes, you can tell that they get along well and that they have managed to make their workplace something pleasant.

I sit in their meeting room and they introduce me to the teams, Miltrescientosgramos and Mon Estudio, I start to hear expressions like visual identity or naming, just what I need! I tell them my ideas and I see that they are excited with me, because the project is something different from what they have worked so far. End of the meeting, the balance is positive, now it's time to wait for the proposals.

June 5: (key date in our history) after several meetings, we already have a winning horse.

Fooga, I have a plan.

It talks about us, the brand, its philosophy and youth, but not the one that indicates the identity card.

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Fooga, Fooga, I keep repeating it in my head and it sounds great. Now we need to see its image, what will our logo look like? You already have the answer, but I guarantee that it is the result of a lot of work and many meetings.

One more thing comes up, something that I hadn't even thought about and that will define Fooga's identity, the sole! We go back to moodboards, screenshots and online orders; I put the idea to Marcos from Mon Estudio and, once again, he hits the nail on the head.

This does not stop, we keep working, in the end Fooga is not just about selling sneakers.
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