The first date

January is over, no more excuses.

I combine my work at Fabulous Life Company with the search for information. Sneakers and more sneakers, my free time can be summed up like this. I receive packages almost daily and no matter how much I open boxes, there is always something I would modify, a stitch, a tongue, the laces. I am determined, I want to create THE sneaker!

My colleague Ortega tells me about Victoria, a freelance designer who, like many of us, lives between Madrid and Valladolid. I contact her and we set up our first meeting. As in a first date, everything is more complicated than it seemed a priori... We talk about my ideas and she exposes me her opinions as a professional, the afternoon ends and there is nothing defined, I think I even have more doubts.

I continue my search from behind the screen. The design is progressing, but now comes the most complicated part, who will be willing to manufacture in small runs? One thing is for sure: MADE IN SPAIN.

May 26, 8:30 a.m. The alarm clock rings, I open my eyes and realize I'm in Elche. I have a couple of meetings closed this morning, my plan is definitely on track.

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Nothing, the two suppliers I had contacted require very high minimums for a start-up. But, since I've come this far, let's give it a try! I go knocking on doors, showing my sketch and hoping that someone believes in me. 13:30, last chance, finally I hear something positive, there are possibilities.

I get in the car and head for Barcelona. Tomorrow we go back to Fooga, but tonight Coldplay is playing.

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