Day 1

Another day, I get out of bed, take a morning shower and get on the AVE to go to work. Working in Madrid, being from abroad, you know! In these trips you have time to think, to think about ideas, almost to carry them out. And so, something came to my mind that had me obsessed and that also occupied half of my closet. I have always liked the world of fashion although I had never found the time to think about it in a more professional way. I don't consider myself a fashion victim, but I must confess that I do keep up with the trends.

Suddenly something changes, the company where I work decides to apply an ERE and, after many years I voluntarily leave what until then had been my home. And why not? Thank you Vodafone Spain for all these years and for everything I have learned.

The end of a stage and now what?

Day 1 of my new life: I wake up in Valladolid, in no hurry to catch the train; I prepare a toast with olive oil, a juice and a coffee; I put on my sneakers and hit the streets. Dear mom and dad, family, friends, I've had an idea! By the way, Merry Christmas! Meetings with dear people, at this time of the year, you know; conversations about my future, my plan; and many, many questions.

I decide to give myself some time, I need to think. A trip and I start working on Fabulous Life Company. Every great idea needs time, and what could be better than spending it this way, among friends!

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That idea is still in my head. I have a plan. I always have. I make myself a promise, not to stop until I make it happen. And I get on with it. After breakfast, of course.

Decisions. Decisions.
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