When we wrote our last post before the summer, we hung the "closed for vacation" sign, but we were only referring to the blog. As far as the rest of the aspects surrounding the brand are concerned, we didn't stop for a second. Orders, photo shoots, RRSS updates and, of course, the design of the new collection.

In the middle of August we were surrounded by fabric swatches, each one more wintry, autumn colors and a thousand screenshots of inspiration that we had collected in recent months.

After giving a lot of thought to possible combinations, we decided that this collection had to be very simple, with wearable colors and leather, to combat the low temperatures.

Although we would have loved to produce a lot of colors, it was necessary to choose and finally we opted for tones of nature, combinable and always trendy.

But the colors were not the only decision we had to make, there were certain changes we wanted to make in the pattern of the shoe, almost imperceptible, but once we saw the result, we think it was a success.

Colors were chosen, changes indicated, it was time to send the cards to the manufacturer. And the samples? We are not in time, it is necessary to start production, we jump into the pool!

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The result Forest, Earth and Lava.

Another roll.
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