The new Fooga collection has arrived, it's the middle of August but, as we have already told you, we couldn't wait any longer to show it to you. We needed photos as soon as possible and we started to organize everything.

It's Friday afternoon and we turned Manuel's living room into a photo studio, white background, chairs of various colors and two ami-models (thanks Carla and Viry) with long legs. Laughter, a few beers and impossible jumps to avoid staining the white blankets we had used to create the background.

It was an emergency session that allowed us to share the news with you until we could take the official photos (thanks Rubén).

The following days it was time for editing and finalizing details, since the new collection also brought a new website (thanks Javi).

Nerves, nerves and more nerves to see your reaction. Every friend we showed them to was flipping out.

[15% discount code in TO-DO: "LOQUIEROLOTENGO"].

And, finally, we launched! The response? The one we were waiting for! You have given it love and love as only you know, you have exhausted stock and you have made us VERY happy.

That's why we have a surprise, the Sweet 2.0 Tierra are back in production and they don't come alone!

Stay tuned to our networks because there will be news soon.

This is just the beginning.
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