Our first Black Days and you guys rocked it!
Fooga fans are the best and we expected nothing less from you.
After a month of uncertainty, not knowing if we would be on time with the production or not, finally, the planets aligned.

Our new colors, night and all black, arrived still warm to go straight to your feet. In addition, and exceptionally, the new Earth color arrived. We told you, if you want something, just ask for it!

We finished shipping all the orders yesterday, so you should receive your Fooga between today and tomorrow.
you should receive your Fooga.

So far so good. But now it's our turn to order, we want to see how you are wearing your Fooga! That's why, starting right now we are launching a contest that will last until next Sunday, December 10. What's the dynamic:

- Upload a photo or a stories to Instagram with your Fooga's and mention us [your Instagram has to be open].
- Follow @foogaplan [although we take it for granted that this is already the case].
Just like that!

The prize? 3 sweatshirts. 2 will be given by raffle and the third will go to the most original photo/video in our opinion.

Give it a go!
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