Months go by, summer is dangerously close and Fooga's new collection is still undecided. It is our first year in the market, so we are still not very realistic with deadlines: design, prototypes, production, photography... time is running out. We get down to work and turn to the usual people, those who do not fail. We create a Whatsapp group, on Thursday there is a meeting, forget the rest, we need you HERE.

Early spring, rain and a blank sheet of paper. Sounds romantic, maybe, but there is one more factor. Friends, the good kind, the kind that don't mince words. Several fabric samples and a few beers. The ideas start to flow, each of you writes down your three combinations on a piece of paper.

You go home and we are left with a pile of papers and an empty table. We keep going round and round. Let's see what patterns repeat, compare colors, patterns and details. It's 2 a.m., we go to sleep, tomorrow we continue.

Another day, things are clearer. We take your ideas and this begins to take shape. The combinations are coming out and now we need to name it. We are looking for something related to the process of creation and design, of course. TRIBU, Patri hits the nail on the head.

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TRIBU includes YOU, all of you who in some way have done your bit. We have the names of all those who sat around the table that night, but there are more, much more. The Fooga family is growing and we thank you for taking a few seconds out of your day to write to us on the networks.

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