We have already told you several times about our friends, the support we receive from them and how important they have been in these first months of Fooga. You are always there for us, whether we ask you to be models, photographers, artists or designers.

Today we want to tell you another story in honor of them, only this one with summer airs, the kind that smells of salt and gets your feet wet.

At the end of July a few of us got together and decided to spend a day in Cantabria, as we have a base camp in Valladolid, we are only 2 hours away from home. Two photographers, three models, the Fooga team and an assistant who signed up at the last minute.

The weather decided to give us a break and after locating the area around the Arnía, we decided to start the session. We found a house with a view and an old Volkswagen with Ibiza license plate and turquoise color that we had to include in the photos; we disturbed the calm of the campsite climbing its deep blue walls; we even had a little rifi rafe with a seagull, which we suppose protecting its young, did not let our drone take off.

Besides, there was time for rice, beers and many many laughs.

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You can see the video with the result in our networks, here we leave the making of.



And the memories of that day are already part of the summer of '17.

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