As many of you know, last Friday we welcomed the summer. We were at the Welcome Summer organized by La Baruva (Simancas, Valladolid). We were able to share it with many of you, sing, dance and even have a beer or two.

Two days ago summer officially began (although we have been immersed in it for 2 weeks) and we already have our minds on vacation, but before hanging the sign "until September" (only on the blog) we are going to tell you some of the things we have prepared so you don't forget about us:

The website will remain open each and every day of summer, so you can enter whenever you feel like it and, if you feel like it, choose the model that will accompany you on that trip that is just around the corner.
The sales period will begin next Tuesday 27th, but as usual in Fooga, they will not be sales as usual.
We are in a raffle, we have gifts for every 100 and 200 comments on our penultimate Instagram photo, it may end when you reach 1000 comments or maybe not, it all depends on the desire you have!
We have in our hands a market that motivates us a lot, with soundtrack incorporated. From August 10 to 13 we will be in Aranda de Duero to the rhythm of Sonorama 2017.

Here we leave you some little pills of what can happen. In September the blog returns to tell you more about Fooga. For the rest:

See you on the networks!
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